Nhao'ra of Valadria

A Knight to Remember

Once more, The Fifth Son found respite.

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Hi, I'm Striggs! I’m a 22 year old male, and I play Nhao'ra Tayrin on Crystal - Mateus! I'm currently residing in the US - specifically EST - but I'm able to be around at any time really!

When it comes to my personal preferences, I’m a big fan of stories involving high/dark fantasy and mythology! However, I do prefer to stay within the realm of fantasy, as opposed to FF’s more technological side. I’m also not interested in pursuing romantic roleplay or ERP, so if those happen to be end goals then I don’t think I’d be the writer for you.

Most importantly, I don't discriminate against roleplay experience, so if you're new to the hobby I'll gladly help you find your footing! That all said, while short-term contacts are welcome to seek me out, I would like to forge more meaningful relations overall and find people who are willing to stick around.

I also ask that you don't attempt to severely injure or maim my character without explicit permission, please! Death is a no-go.
If you feel compelled to reach out, you can either add me IG or on Discord @ striggs#1313!


What worth is a title when those who bestowed it have perished? What good is a Knight without a purpose to serve? What use is the last Lord of a dead house?

These are questions that ring in the Miqo’te’s mind night after night as he claws his way through Eorzea. They are things that keep him awake, wondering what is to come. Once the renowned Cavalier of a respected House in some far away land, Nhao’ra’s since found himself lost on an entirely different continent, stripped of his rank and vilified by his people.

Back to square one.

Nhao’ra is the remnant of a war that was never truly his. Puppeted about a battlefield, where orders were executed with righteous fury. This does not mean he takes no pride in his prowess. If anything, pride is the foundation of the Keeper. It’s something that keeps his blood running hot. Keeps the fire in his heart ablaze. Perhaps it is misplaced passion, but it’s passion all the same.

Despite his history and a nigh-insatiable lust for battle, Nhao’ra is - admittedly - a softhearted being when it comes to less fortunate souls. He is someone who wants nothing more than to do right by the downtrodden and protect the defenseless.

Even if he tends to be somewhat soft spoken, Nhao’ra still carries the traits of a socialite. The refined speech of a noble, the disciplined posture of a well-trained soldier, and just a pinch of high-society snootiness. It’s hard to adjust one’s self to these new surroundings, but he is making an attempt all the same. Beyond these tendencies, however, Nhao’ra is still a devout and stalwart ally to those that befriend him. Perhaps he’s loyal to a fault.

A Bloody History

Somewhere at the far fringes of upper Aldenard, outside of both Garlemald and Grand Company influence, sits a quaint realm. It is a land of snow-coated seclusion, flanked by treacherous seas that sink foolish ships and an impassable range of spiraling mountains. To most everyone in Eorzea, it does not exist. What few texts even mention ‘Valadria’ write it off as little more than a footnote in some far grander history. A backwater bastion overtaken by a primal’s fury, left to wane and die beneath a blanket of cold. It’s naught but another fractured piece of land, worthless and insignificant.

Nobody knows of the crimson stains soaked into the snow-topped graves of its forebears.

For years, the coastal fortress of Valadria stood stalwart against any enemy that attempted to disrupt Nocta’s sanctuary. Marauders and raiders came by sea, bold enough to make their claim along the nation’s shores, only to be driven back to their boats by arrows and mortars. The Great Wyrm’s brood, in their rampage to Ishgard, dared to fly too close. They were met with a hail of bolt-throwers, tearing through scales and tattering wings. Dissidents and heretics were driven from their lairs, their shamed banners paraded about the capital.It was peace built upon a pile of corpses, yes. But it was peace nonetheless.

Yet it did not last. Deep within the forests of the Northern islands, the clans mourned as their sons and husbands fell to Valadrian arms. Remnants of a life before such civilization, stomped out to make way for progress. For all their grief and rage, they were offered salvation. A means for retribution.

And so they were led astray. Ushered to perform an unthinkable act. A devastating contingency.

The Earth shook and cracked beneath the steel sabatons of Nocta’s guard, and from the shifting tides did Ragnarok come. What ensued was a calamity just short of Valadria’s complete annihilation. Spires of stone rose with the fracturing land, tearing apart hamlets and castle walls alike. Floods from the furious sea left Valadrian sons and daughters buried beneath the sands in an unceremonious grave, and the crumbling of mountaintops crushed swathes of soldiers beneath a rain of rock.

How Ragnarok came to be halted is widely debated. There are many who believe it was thanks to the unbreakable will of the Blades of Nocta that the primal fell. Some attribute victory to a single warrior blessed by the Shade. Fewer still believe the Lady of Twilight herself came to stave off destruction.

T’would seem, however, the truth has been buried by time.

Nigh two centuries have passed since the primal’s defeat, and in that time Valadria has found some form of life once more. Albeit at a fraction of a fraction in regards to its former glory. The descendants of the old nobility have begun the revitalization process, flinging their coffers at Free Companies and disavowed Garlean Maniples to serve as a standing army whilst construction commences once more.

Yet the turmoil brought about by the war that consumes Eorzea has far reaching effects. Even in this small province, the squeeze is felt. And with new passages brought about by the shifted landscape, it may only be a matter of time before armies begin their march through the broken Kingdom.


  • (Common) Like many others in Eorzea, Nhao'ra offers his services as a hired blade. Be it for short term work or extensive campaigns, the Miqo'te's always ready for a proper fight.

  • (Common) Word has begun fluttering around about a newly formed Free Company that's been making the rounds from Eorzea to the Far East. 'Sparrows', they call themselves, and at the head of the operation is a battle-hardened Miqo'te.

  • (Rare) Nhao'ra carries a curious symbol on most of his clothing. A silver pin with a crest that'd be unfamiliar to most. Those interested in more obscure lands and cultures might pick it out of a crowd as a holy symbol. The twisted, metallic feline is a sigil of Nocta, the patron of Valadria. Secluded as the land is, few of its people venture out to Eorzea. What could he possibly be doing all the way out here? Especially in the midst of such conflict?

  • (Rare) Perhaps you're one of the -very- few familiar with House Tayrin. A once-great House tucked away in the snow-blanketed lands of the far North, it was one of the few ruling Valadrian families that sent its knights to aid in the Dravanian conflict. Despite concerns over the House's ruling bloodline and its legitimacy, its fighters were well respected. In recent history, the name's nearly been lost to time. Those few with a bountiful knowledge of history, however, may recognize its crest.


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Halgrim Vasch

Something of an enigma

Every encounter between Nhao'ra and this Hyur has been by chance and chance alone. Or, at least it's presumed to be. Yet somehow, Halgrim has a habit of showing up in the right place at the right time. For as mellow as the Highlander is, there's something... Different, about his demeanor. As if there's more to the man than he allows others to perceive.

Reckless Wind

Professional Punchist

Perhaps Nhao'ra's longest-standing companion, the bond between him and the Helsguard has stood the test of time, leaving both an unbreakable link and a persistent rivalry between the two. Needless to say, it's easy to assume who has the higher win count when it comes down to their frequent spars.

Skye Ume

Maelstrom First LEftenant

While most would consider their friendship an uneasy alliance formed through circumstance, the Leftenant is as valuable a friend as she is an asset. Though tales of their history together are shaky at best, it's clear the two have been through much, all of which has only strengthened their bond.

Osyra Vasch

Pit Boss Extraordinaire

Consider their relationship a curious one. A formal arrangement that carries the faintest trail of potential friendship, should it have time to bloom. Acting as the proprietor of the Ivory Sparrow, Miss Vasch has allowed Nhao'ra a spot in her hall dedicated to his small band of adventurous souls, as well as picks when it comes to potential recruits for his endeavors. Running an arena offers up a slew of candidates for the Sparrows, after all.